Translaters who are gifted linguists are not rare. But do they understand the content? 


Working closely with PS Technical Translations, you enjoy a number of advantages:

I have a deep understanding of technology and business due to many years of experience as a project manager in the material handling industry: this enables me to understand difficult technical texts in context.


English as my first language coupled with perfectly fluent German: On account of my high level of formal and informal education and many years of professional experience, I have the necessary general and specialist vocabulary in both languages at my command.


Having studied in England and worked for over 20 years in Germany, I have a sound knowledge of the society, geography, history, institutions and structures of England as well as of Germany.


Technical writing style, correct vocabulary, correct translation of content matter, familiarity with fixed terminology, knowledge of standards and other regulations, close cooperation with the customer on-site and project-based working methods: these factors make for 100% quality and 100% customer satisfaction.


I am not only interested in languages, I’m also interested in technology, in the small details which make the difference between a translation, which would convince the layman, and a translation, which really is correct. This may make it necessary to get to know the product at the customer’s site. This approach pays off in a long-term business relationship.



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